A practical introduction to journalistic writing


Writing journalistic texts is much different from writing scientific papers or press releases for activist groups: Journalists want to inform the public about the world they live in, break news, investigate stories that have not been told before or comment on current events. And the want to do that in a way that is entertaining the readers while abiding certain rules and standards. In his workshop, freelance journalist Felix Huesmann will give an overview about different forms of journalistic texts as wells as journalistic standards and duties. He will give an insight into the way he approaches stories and reports on current events. Felix Huesmann is a freelance journalist based in Dortmund. He writes and photographs for a variety of media, including VICE Media and the local Street Magazin “bodo”. Most of his work is focused on the far-right, protests and social movements, migrant- and refugee issues and youth- and subcultures. (http://www.felixhuesmann.de/ )

17th of June, 19h at Bahnhof Langendreer (Wallbaumweg 108, 44894 Bochum) http://bahnhof-langendreer.de/

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